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Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of our mission, vision and core values, we have a commitment with our community and the planet to have a positive impact.


At IRALTUS, we strongly believe in a sustainable development that creates a good life for all within planetary boundaries as established by Kate Raworth from the University of Oxford.


We are sure, that each persons and organization can have a great impact; as a result, in all our projects we look for profitable solutions that take into consideration and promote the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.


Our commitment goes beyond our clients, we believe that to have a true impact it is crucial to support our community and non-profit institutions. As a result, we continuously work with associations and institutions that share our vision of a good life for all within planetary boundaries.

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Alarmed by the social issues we are facing as a whole, we work in projects with companies, organizations, associations and institutions that support local communities, especially the ones in need. We are sure that by putting together our efforts the impacts will be greater.

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We understand that without our planet, we will not be able to thrive; as a result, we get involve and support projects and initiatives that attempt to mitigate the impact on the planet and find solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s problems. At IRALTUS, we strongly believe that, from global warming to pollution, the solution of every problem we face lies on us.

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To have a sustainable future everyone has plays an important role, from the small companies to the largest corporations, every organization is key. As a consequence, we try to work with micro, small and medium-size companies for free by participating in initiatives and programs that support these businesses and their economic recovery and sustainability.

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