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Cambios en nuestros patrones de comportamiento

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The pandemic and the containment measures to control it have had important impact on all of humanity and will permanently change our habits and the way we interact. At the same time, they have hit the economy hard.

The time to economic recovery takes will depend, to a large extent, on the speed with which companies respond to these changes. Our objective is to help identify opportunities to help businesses establish and transcend in the new national and international environment.

For this we have prepared a series of publications where the impact of the pandemic is analyzed and evaluated at the different levels at which we interact. This will allow us to identify the probable scenario in which we will be living our daily lives, as well as the opportunities that will appear in the different economic sectors.

A fundamental element of our analysis is the survey Cambios en los patrones de comportamiento, which has provided us with very valuable information about practices and perceptions of the respondents, before and during the quarantine, as well as estimates and perceptions going forward. This survey was conducted from April 10 to 17, 2020. Based on the results obtained, we will dive into the way in which these connections are affecting employment and we will propose ways in which employees and companies can support each other and facilitate economic recovery.

We thank all the people who participated in the initiative and answered the questionnaire. Your time and contribution will contribute to the identification of opportunities to impact the economic recovery of Mexico.

Get to know us, we are a multidisciplinary team, with proven experience in business development and renewal of organizations, with a comprehensive approach that allows our clients to transcend their mission of creating value.

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