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Operation is the second element of our business development model. It is where plans become actions and as a result it is very important because it has the potential to foster o harm the growth and success of the business. At IRALTUS, we are convinced that even though operating efficiently might be complicated, with the implementation of the right initiatives and best practices, it becomes a differentiating factor in the road to success.  Consequently, we believe that operations is a critical element in the development of any business. To support our clients and in an effort to make a difference, our value proposition includes three services that we believe will allow us to maximize our impact on our clients: process improvement, operative performance improvement and procurement process value maximization.


All processes are important, from administration to production, each process plays a relevant role in any organization. A poor execution can lead to poor decision making, waste of time and resources, lower productivity and profitability, among others. As a result, process improvement is crucial to turn the organization into an efficient enterprise. 


The improvement of processes will have a positive impact on the operative performance of the company; however, this is not enough. We believe that to truly have an operative performance improvement, it is critical to work closely with all stakeholders in order to create synergies between business units.  Our approach focuses on the implementation of best practices and control systems across all BU’s to facilitate decision making and reach better results for the whole organization.


Throughout the value chain of an organization there are several improvement opportunities. One of which is the procurement process. Procurement is often seen as a cost generation area; however, we believe that it has a great potential and it must be seen as a value creation area. Given our conviction of the value of the procurement process and to help our clients, we developed the Procurement process value maximization Framework. With the implementation of our framework, our clients will improve their relationship with their suppliers, reduce costs, optimize the supply chain and ultimately a positive impact on the profitability of the organization.

Services to optimize the operation

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We identify areas for improvement to bridge the gap between the current state and the desirable state of the company's business processes, ensuring their alignment with the strategy and organizational structure. Together with the organization, we establish work plans and collaborate on their implementations.

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We help our clients to increase their competitiveness by maximizing the use of their resources in favor of productivity; to do more with less in a safe, reliable, and profitable way with data and operational analysis (KPIs) as key tools for making decisions.

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We establish mechanisms to evaluate and develop the supply chain to improve the quality and reliability of the suppliers and competitiveness of our clients. Our objective is to enable sustainability through the continuous improvement of administrative, commercial, technical, productive and financial competencies, to create value throughout the procurement process and synergies between companies.

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