Carlos Murrieta
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He has extensive experience in the energy sector at a national and international levels, to which he has been linked since 1987. Throughout his career he has specialized in strategic planning, operational efficiency, economics of the oil industry, regulation, technology, organization. and inter functional management.


He carried out various projects in the international oil industry (Brazil, South Korea, Chile, the United States and Russia) and participated in the development and comprehensive optimization of the national energy sector (refining, gas, electricity and environmental regulations). Likewise, he participated in the development and implementation of operational improvement programs in various industries (automotive, refining, and cement).


He was Managing Director of Pemex Transformación Industrial, Regional Director of Sendero Midstream, Corporate Director of Operations at Petróleos Mexicanos, Managing Partner of McKinsey & Co. and Process Engineer at the Instituto Mexicano del Petróleo (IMP). At McKinsey & Co. he was a member of the World Petroleum Practice and responsible for the Operations Practice and the Public Sector Practice and Philanthropy, both in Latin America.


He has participated as a counselor in pharmaceutical, electrical and oil companies and organizations at an international level. Likewise, he managed to make Pemex Transformación Industrial a profitable company. He led the culture shift towards a value creation approach, leaving the volumetric approach behind. He designed and implemented comprehensive optimization systems for the energy industry in different countries, even considering environmental and social aspects.  In the automotive and materials industries, he achieved significant operational improvements that attracted investment to the region.


In his commitment to the well-being of the community, he founded Seguridad Ciudadana A.C., an organization dedicated to quantifying and supporting the development of public policy in order to improve the country's security situation. He is a benefactor of Casa Hogar Alegría I.A.

Leonor Fernández Del Busto
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Graduated in Economics from the Universidad Panamericana with diplomas in International Trade and Management Coaching, as well as a specialty in Human Development.


She has extensive experience in economic analysis and research, business development and administration, human resource management, talent development and change management.


She began her professional career as an advisor to the private sector in the negotiation of the 1992 Free Trade Agreement. Later, she collaborated in the elaboration of the economic platform proposed in the federal elections of 1994 and later was in charge of the relationship with Gymboree franchisees in Mexico.


Likewise, from the Mexican Commission of Human Rights, she was in charge of the budget that the United Nations Organization granted for the electoral observation of the year 2000.


Shee gave outplacement workshops for a year and a half. Later, she designed and executed equity investment programs for Grupo Afimex. For 9 years she was in charge of the administration of Editorial Paralelo 21 and Grupo Chespirito.


During the recent years, she served as Talent Development Advisor at Pemex Transformación Industrial; where, thanks to his management and negotiation skills, he managed to implement the new organizational structure through which the change of culture towards a value creation approach was achieved.


Shee participated as a member of the Project Evaluation Committee at Fundación Chespirito IAP, an institution in which she collaborated in the administrative area for 8 years; She has also supported communities of children and young people with limited resources through therapies with a humanistic approach.


She is the author of the book “Successes and Failures of the Stabilization Programs of the 80´s.

Paola Murguía
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Psychologist with an MBA from IPADE Business School, has diplomas in Neuropsychology, Management Coaching, Human Capital Development and Financial Management.


She has extensive experience in the design and implementation of projects for cultural transformation and talent development, people evaluation, organization of corporate events, organizational communication and education of children with special educational needs


She began her career at Heidrick & Struggles specializing in high-level recruiting. Later, she joined Senn Delaney as Site Project Coordinator for Cultural Change of Petróleos Mexicanos and was invited to join Pemex as Culture Coordinator, where she had the opportunity to participate in the design and implementation of the Cultural Change strategy of the company and its subsidiaries. Later, she joined the team of the General Directorate of Pemex Transformación Industrial (Pemex TRI) as Talent Development Advisor.


She is distinguished by her creativity and innovation in the development of communication dynamics and strategies with workers, to align and focus them towards a new culture of value creation. She stands out in optimizing the use of resources to carry out all the programs at the lowest possible cost.


She participated for a year as a volunteer in Santiago, Chile, working with teenagers. She has been a volunteer in the construction of houses for low-income families, within the ASUA program, Construye en México and its equivalent in Chile. She has also participated in the programs Cuéntame tu Sueño and Doctor Sonrisas. For several years she was in charge of teams of girls and young people in Missionary Color and Missionary Youth.

Daniel Curiel
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He has a Degree in Business Administration from ITESO, with a Diploma in Social Leadership from Coparmex. He has extensive experience in the industrial sector, as a producer, administrator, director and representative of business organizations.


Throughout his business career he has participated in different lines of business: restaurant, tequila export, food storage at controlled temperature, and logistics. In all sectors it has worked on its orientation towards good practices and compliance with international standards.


Due to his negotiation skills and strong leadership, he was president of the Chamber of the Food Industry of the state of Jalisco before he turned thirty. Thus, he began an ascending career as a representative of different organizations, among which the Mexican Meat Council and the Council of Industrial Chambers of Jalisco (CCIJ) stand out.


During the last 20 years, he has been an active member of business organizations and regional councils of CFE and IMSS, in addition to participating in the CONCAMIN board of directors during various periods and in that of the Business Coordinating Council from 2016 to 2019.


He led arduous negotiations with the governments and businessmen of Mexico and the United States, within the framework of NAFTA.


As president of the CCIJ, he led the participation of the business sector in the Competitiveness Agenda of the State of Jalisco.


He participated in different commercial tours to countries in Europe, Asia and the United States, together with representatives of the government of Jalisco, to generate confidence and attract investment to the state.


He has focused on promoting small and medium-sized businesses due to their great impact on job creation and, therefore, on the well-being of the population. During his tenure, the CCIJ maintained close collaboration with the International Labor Organization (ILO); participated in the panel "Cases of Success in Efforts and Actions to Improve and Increase Employment". Derived from the above, the ILO office for America prepared and published a study called “Productive Development Policies in the State of Jalisco" as an example for the countries of Latin America of what the ILO itself called "The Miracle of Jalisco". of the synergy between academia, government, society and private initiative.

Francisco Enríquez
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Bachelor in Computer Science with a Master's Degree in Information Technology Administration from ITESM, with two specializations in Business Process Management and Reliability and Maintenance Practices, as well as a training in Project Management.

He has experience as a leader of multidisciplinary teams in charge of innovating and developing projects from the definition of the strategy to implementation, putting information at the service of the business to institutionalize their knowledge.

His academic and professional background, has given him the ability to consistently implement improvements and automation in business processes, project management and cultural transformation.

In 1992 he began his professional career by focusing on information technology with various companies. In 1995 he was invited to Pemex to work on financial information systems and process modeling. He was responsible for building and maintaining relationship with suppliers, establishing mechanisms for the registration, development and evaluation of more than 6,000 of them; all with the purpose of enhancing competitiveness and identifying new business opportunities.

He implemented strategic sourcing practices for various types of materials based on reliability for the maintenance of multiple facilities at Pemex Transformación Industrial and played a key role in the cultural transformation of the company at a national level.

He has been a volunteer in the construction of houses for low-income families in the State of Mexico and a promoter of the development of SMEs through development projects using financial resources from the Federal Government. ​

Patricia Murrieta

PhD in Sociology from the University of Texas, Master in Latin American Studies from the University of Texas, BA in Sociology from the UAM and member of the National System of Researchers.


She is a specialist in socioeconomic evaluation of projects and in evaluation of the impact of social programs. She has extensive experience designing interventions with vulnerable groups and in evaluating policies and programs at a state, national and international level, as well as, public and private. She is also an expert in the analysis of social problems in urban areas; mainly on issues that have to do with children, adolescents, human rights and social development.


She began her career as the coordinator of research at the UAM Azcapotzalco and later joined the faculty staff at the University of Texas at Austin. She founded SPACIO, Center for Attention and Training in Gestalt Psychotherapy and Human Development, and she is a founding partner of the Laboratory for Economic and Social Studies (LEES), a research center whose main objective is to provide training and advice on economic, social and political development policies.


She has participated as a consultant in projects for multiple companies, USAID, the International Organization for Migration (IOM-UN), CEPAL and different foundations from the private sector.


She has presented more than 40 lectures and presentations and has written 8 books or publication chapters, and 19 articles and memoirs.


One of her qualities is the ability to use both qualitative and quantitative techniques. In many of her jobs, she combines in-depth interviews with surveying and data analysis. She is a person who has the creative capacity to ask questions and create the necessary methodology to satisfy the objectives of each project.


She was a volunteer at the National Council for Educational Development. Currently, she is a volunteer and president of CISV Guadalajara and an active participant in the worldwide EvalYouth program.

Angélica Ruiz

She is a lawyer from the Universidad Iberoamericana with a master's degree in Public Policy from King's College London, United Kingdom.


She has broad experience in the energy sector at the national level since 2011 and previously in corporate and financial legal consulting for more than 7 years. Throughout her professional career, she has specialized in strategic, legal and regulatory analysis for the development of infrastructure projects and new midstream and downstream alliances that emerged as a result of the 2014 energy reform.


She participated in the negotiation of the first open season of oil products in Mexico, as well as in the negotiation of various legal instruments related to third parties for the development of projects. Likewise, she participated and collaborated in the design of strategies, economic and commercial analysis to maximize the business value of Pemex Logística and Pemex Transformación Industrial.


She was an advisor in the Fuel Supply Subdirectorate of Pemex Transformación Industrial, advisor in the Pemex Logistics Directorate, a lawyer in the Legal Subdirectorate of Projects and Business of the Pemex Legal Directorate, and associate in Aguilar, Loera, Cortina and Martínez. She also participates as an independent consultant in civil associations in Mexico and is currently a student at Casa Tíbet México.


She implemented strategic sourcing practices for various families of materials of common and recurring use for reliability and maintenance at Pemex Transformación Industrial and participated as a facilitator in the effort for cultural change at the national level.


Likewise, she has participated in the preparation, design, negotiation and implementation of the first open season for oil products in the energy sector, which became a public policy in Mexico, as well as the negotiation and closing of investment projects by national and international third parties for Mexican oil.


She is the founder of Felicidad en Movimiento MX, a civil association focused on designing programs and implementing policies that increase people's well-being, she is a certified happiness coach, has taught several workshops, including “What Matters in Life” by Action for Happiness UK, and has been trained in contemplative techniques regulation of attention and emotions for more than 7 years.

Juan Pablo Murrieta

Mechatronic and Production Systems Engineer from the Universidad Iberoamericana with a Diploma in Financial Administration from the Universidad Anahuac Mexico.


During college, he did an exchange semester at Bond University in Gold Coast, Australia. He has an International Baccalaureate from Tecnológico de Monterrey. He spent two years at Lake Forest Academy, Chicago, where he was invited to participate in the Global Young Leaders Conference in China which focused on solving global problems and international relations.


He has experience in process automation and analysis, device programming, systems improvement, budgeting and material handling, data monitoring and interpretation, and in the design and implementation of electronic devices.


He started his professional career at KIO Networks, where he worked on projects to improve and optimize different processes. He led a variable monitoring project with electronic systems that began with the creation of a hardware and culminated with the development of a software to control it. Additionally, he supported the optimization of Grupo Promesa's recycling system, as well as sales and logistics activities in various companies.


He is distinguished by applying his engineering knowledge to any type of process, thus giving a different perspective, but keeping optimization as the objective.


He participated as a volunteer in Grupo Promesa supporting educational activities for children promote and inculcate the conservation of the environment. He was part of the team coordinating garbage collection and separation activities in different schools. He has supported various family homes and associations dedicated to working with low-income families. He is a permanent volunteer at Casa Hogar Alegría I.A.P whose purpose is the welfare of poor girls.

Pablo Vargas

Chemical Engineer from the National Autonomous University of Mexico.


His motivation is to have a professional career that allows him to expand his knowledge, as well as develop skills and abilities that strengthen his personal development.


His first working experience was at Editorial Paralelo 21, where he collaborated in the administrative area. Later, he worked in a customer service center, where he performed supervision and auditing tasks.


He is knowledgeable in ozone wastewater treatment and its applications for multiple industries.


He has participated as a volunteer in school regularization activities with low-income children. He also accompanied the rehabilitation of young offenders interned at the San Fernando Social Reintegration Center in Mexico City. He has also been a volunteer in Guadalajara and Oaxaca where he helped marginalized communities. His commitment to the environment has led him to participate in various reforestation activities.