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The third element of our business development model is Organization. This strategic element, is where all the actions needed for activities to be done happen. Moreover, the organization of a company deals with the most important resource, people. At IRALTUS, we strongly believe that an efficient organization of responsibilities and functions requires an all-around effort in the company. Therefore, as part of our approach to business development, we work very close with our clients to improve their organization. To do so, our services can be summarized in: organizational structure optimization and implementation, corporate structure and governance and corporate communication.


Often, within the company the organization it is not seen as critical part of it which can bring a lot of problems for the stability, growth and profitability of the company among other issues. As a result, we focus on the optimization of the organizational structure and its implementation across the whole company in order to create synergies between all the area of the company that would maximize the impact that each area has. By working close with our clients and a structured execution of initiatives, we are able to have immediate impact with long lasting solutions.


The proper administration of the company is critical, not only for legal purposes, but also to have access to information and as a result to have more visibility of potential issues in the company. Today, more than ever, information is critical, consequently, we will put special emphasis in establishing a proper corporate structure and governance that would result in efficiencies and better results for the company.


The lack of efficient communication inside the company often is one of the main reasons for which initiatives fail resulting in other problems. At IRALTUS, we believe that an effective corporate communication is the best way to have a better control, more transparency and better flow of information throughout all the levels and areas of a company. By working and improving the communication, the organizations will be able to create a great working environment that allows employees to maximize their which at the end results in higher profits and productivity.  

Services to improve the organization

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We design new ways of organizing companies with a focus on taking advantage of all capacities and enhancing synergies. We work on the characterization of key positions, standardization of levels, definition of roles, alignment of competencies, and establishment of processes in a comprehensive manner to ensure the best results. We execute the implementation of the organizational transformation with the responsible area.




We implement business administration practices based on a solid organizational structure where, through a governance model and the adoption of best corporate practices, management and control processes, and mechanisms are defined to enable the sustainability of the company.

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We develop and implement the organization's internal and external communication strategy to maximize the value of the relationship with stakeholders. Moreover, we ensure there's an alignment within the organization and a better flow of information for stakeholders outside the company.

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